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Founder's Story

Back where I am from  we pretty much three options in life, become a doctor, an engineer, or the one I am so far going with, a disappointment to the family. Towards end of grade 11 I started developing and interest business and and with the following new year I started selling on eBay. 

From back home I grabbed a few handcrafted marble chess Boards and they were very beautiful, had completely convinced that this will lead to my eBay success. Sadly things usually don't go that way, they didn't sell and family just said its okay just stop this and become a doctor.


So I became a doctor...

Not really, I then started buying wholesale products that I knew people are more likely to buy. So I would have my closet full of with chargers, phone cases, fitness bracelets, etc. Basically became the local charger dealer, "wanna buy a 2m nylon braided high quality charger cable?" basically became my convo starter, had to be specific though; can't be under describing my goods. 

I would then go on talking about how I met my love and had kids and so on, but that never happened because my journey only began 3 years ago. Back then I went into the new year with a small business dream and in 2018 I am going with the reality.

Moral of the story

 Just become a doctor, I still have to, currently in the process of it. honestly will save you a lot of pain, probably more than what my grammer has caused you through out this story but I think that adds to the reality of the story.